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Mar 20, 2013 8:00pm EDT
, in the last decade, we have revolutionized aviation to make this technology keep cheaper and more readily available. as a result, many law enforcement agencies have expressed interest in airspace. the large predator drugs are being used along our military borders. but also smaller, lightweight, unmanned vehicles and we have heard testimony about that. [inaudible] it weighs two or 3 pounds. is that right? >> yes. >> it weighs two or 3 pounds. the federal aviation administration has as many drones in this decade. i think that we have to carefully consider the policy implications with this emerging technology. we use the unmanned aircraft as opposed to man aircraft. it is very difficult for humans to undertake. drones will potentially be used for scientific experiments and agriculture research, and the geological survey. pipeline maintenance and search and rescue. there are many valuable uses there are constitutional and privacy rights of all americans. part of the homeland security customs and border protection are eddie operates on drones into parts of our northern and southern borders. a
Mar 19, 2013 8:00pm EDT
the technology, the training, the levels to help us. we need to encourage our european partners to spend more on defense. i do that consistently, i'm glad to talk about that today. but i do believe these connections are important for us and will be so going forward into the future. members of the committee, i will conclude by saying again, thank you on behalf of the men and women of u.s. european command. thank you for the support of this committee. i will pass your thanks onto them as well. i look forward to answering your question this morning. >> thank you very much. from admiral stavridis to general jacoby. >> thank you for the opportunity to appear before you today. it is a pleasure to be here with my friends and fellow combatants i am not as big of an army guy as john is. but we are here to protect. i appreciate this committee and the continued support of our important missions. includes homeland defense, and that is our number one priority mission. it is a mission which we work closely with canada in our fully integrated national command of norad. next, we remain active in conducting
Mar 18, 2013 8:30pm EDT
to watch me in the beginning. it's one of the downside of technology. we should beginning by saying welcome, mr. mr. speaker, members of congress, nobody watching on tv knows any difference. [laughter] it's a benefit of live streaming. so i think that rob asked me to do this in parking lot because the last presidential trip to the middle east, rather to israel, the part of the middle east was not by president obama but by president bush. i worked for him at the time. there was a presidential trip in may of 2008, which was to just israel, saudi arabia, for the 60th anniversary of israel funding the 75th anniversary of u.s.-saudi relations. the president with met with the king of jordan, and others. there was a longer trip in january of 2008 when the president went to israel, bahrain, saudi arabia, and egypt as well. it was a long trip, i can tell you you have to bear in mind that every single stop in each country involves a briefing memo. so we talk about the place president obama is and visiting. it's a personal interest here. the fewer stops the fewer memo you have to write which is no sm
Mar 21, 2013 8:00pm EDT
this is for the government to subsidize where it can and direct money to try to reach technological breakthroughs but you should not mandate the people of the united states use any kind of program that won't work, that's going to cost them a lot more money and have little benefit on the environment. back in 2008, president obama made this statement: "will america watch as clean energy jobs and industry of the future flourish in countries like spain, japan, and germany?" that's what he said. we need to emulate spain, japan and germany. but spain right now is having to cut back dramatically on its really forward-leaning green mandates. they went probably further or as far as any country in europe. it's been a total disappointment. they are reducing their subsidies. their economy is in shambles, and they're not doing well. "the financial times," just february of this year wrote this -- quote -- "the spanish government's latest bid to cut its growing debts to the country's energy sector is expected to slash profits at renewable energy companies asthma tkreud continues to -- as madrid continues to grapple wit
Mar 22, 2013 8:00pm EDT
-based approaches to public safety by way of example, special courts in new technological innovations to help reduce and fight crime in our communities. it's supported in part -- and this is only a partial list -- the senate sheriffs association, the international association of chiefs of police, the fraternal order of police and the international narcotics officers association. i'm grateful for the work done by so many people on this amendment, especially senator grassley, and move for its adoption. the presiding officer: the senator from alabama. mr. sessions: i hope all of us would begin to think a little bit here. we've had a lot of votes that have gone forward and each one seems to be an attempt to spend more money. it sets -- deficit-neutral reserve funds that require offsets but we're really thinking too much in my view as a mindset that we have money, and that i believe we're in denial about the financial condition of our country. truly we should be looking to have more amendments that save some money and use that money to pay down the debt rather than fund some new spending program. this co
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5